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About Us

Berkeley's Mobile Bike Shop

SPOKES Mobile (berkeley) is Berkeley's mobile bike shop dedicated to #selfmobile cyclists. Our mobile services can be scaled to your needs for transportation, commuting, sport, cargo, and family cycling. We select quality products from around the world and locally that have function purpose and the aesthetic you need to make cycling an everyday form of transportation for three generations of cyclists of all abilities and backgrounds. Our inclusive practices of exploring your individual bucket list of needs help us fit you with the perfect ride or if needed build you a custom bike. We have been in the business for over 25 years and know that not all people feel heard and served in the bike industry and put special emphasis on weight and size appropriate bikes for kids and novices, commuter and sport riders, Family and cargo haulers, and performance and competitive riders. If you are not the normal-sized rider we will go the extra mile to get you on the bike that inspires you to include cycling as part of your routine and lifestyle.

Why Shop With Us?

Expert Mobile Sales and Service

As a regular customer you get on one attention to find the products and solutions to simplify your mobility needs. We offer mobile full-service, quick repair options  and retail accessories, parts, tools, and bikes. And if you don't see what you need in our online store shop, We are happy to special order and customize your ride.

Ask for a CPS Loyalty Punch card and get a free Quick tune with 5 punches ( 1 punch / $20)

Cycle Protective Service Card

Spokes Mobile Membership Benefits

The Family Bike Collective FBC Membership

SPOKES FBC is a membership program that helps families size and maintain their kids' bikes. All of our bikes are weight and size appropriate and meet the best standards of quality , fit , safety and fun. Our current brands are vetted and tested to be the best choice for every stage of your child's development form 18 mos old to teenager Some of our brands are such great bikes that smaller bodied adults purchase them because mainstream bikes don't make quality bikes under 48 cm.

FBC membership ( $100/year) Benefits

  • 10-20% off sales and services at SPOKES
  • $75 FBC Up-cycle to the next sized used FBC bike when your kid outgrows their previous FBC bike
  • Up to 50% trade in of your outsized FBC bike to the next sized FBC bike New
  • $25 referral credit to your house account when you send us a new FBC member family
  • 100% free workshops
  • SPOKES and FBC Newsletter

Mobile Membership

If you don't have kids you are not left out. A Spokes Bike Lounge Membership gives benefits as well

  • 10-20% off sales and service
  • 1 Free CPA road side  service per year
  • SPOKES Newsletter
Woman shopping for cycling apparel

Loyalty perks

We court our customers.   Our CPS (Cycle Protective Service) Loyalty cards are like your coffee cards. It earns you free tune ups as you make every day purchases. We value our perssonal connection with each of you.

Bike Fitter recording measurements

Membership Benefits

Our Bike Lounge Membership is designed to keep you coming for professional and personal service and the best products for the job of keeping you #selfmobile

Mother and child choosing a bike

Family Bike Collective

The family that rides together, thrives together.  FBC membership make it possible for your kids to be on the right bike all the time, while supporting your investment in all the family biking gear. We offer an up-cycle program that allows you to size -up your kids bike for as low as $75 while enjoying other great member benefits that make family biking easy and affordable. 

Browse Our Bike Selection

Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience. If you dont see it use our demo bikes to  build your bucket list for a custom bike.