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Family Bike Collective Members

SPOKES FBC is a membership program that helps families size and maintain their kids' bikes. All of our bikes are weight and size appropriate and meet the best standards of quality , fit , safety and fun. Our current brands are vetted and tested to be the best choice for every stage of your child's development form 18 mos old to teenager Some of our brands are such great bikes that smaller bodied adults purchase them because mainstream bikes don't make quality bikes under 48 cm . 

FBC membership ( $100/year) Benefits

  • 10-20% off sales and services at SPOKES
  • $75 FBC Up-cycle to the next sized used FBC bike when your kid outgrows their previous FBC bike 
  • Up to 50% trade in of your outsized FBC bike to the next sized FBC bike New
  • $25 referral credit to your house account when you send us a new FBC member family
  • 100% free workshops 
  • SPOKES and FBC Newsletter

Become FBC Member

Bike Lounge Members

If you don't have kids you are not left out. A Spokes Bike Lounge Membership gives benefits as well

  • 10-20% off sales and service
  • 4 Free quick tunes per year
  • Fee SPOKES workshops
  • SPOKES Newsletter